Welcome to Windmill Point Permaculture Farm

Windmill Point Farm is a beautiful 70 acre permaculture farm located on Ile Perrot, an island just 30 minutes from Montreal, Canada.

This summer, we are restructuring and reorganizing and therefore the farm will be closed (2014).
For all seed inquiries for fruit tree information, please go to www.greenbarnnursery.ca. Have a great summer and see you next year!

Our family farm is a beacon for those with a social conscience who are looking for a local healthier food source. Customer support for our special fruit and veggies is growing every year. By supporting our local farm they safeguard their own health and that of the planet.  Some extend their support by growing our seeds and plants in their own gardens. Most Canadians now eat mostly imported food (over 90%) from distant farms in other countries. Farmers here must change and grow what people want to eat.


We specialize in exotic, colourful fruit and veggies for every taste. We sell  permaculture seeds and speciality fruit and  adapted to cold climates.  We also offer gift certificates  and a variety of workshops.

      • Shop online for seeds
      • Check out our new fruit trees  at www.greenbarnnursery.ca  
      • Please note that our Saturday Farmer’s Market is not open in 2014 (but hope to see you next year!).

Montreal Melon

After 100 years the famous Montreal Melon is back… the Taylors found a very old seed that germinated. With lots of hot summer days our Montreal melons will grow to a gigantic 15-20 lb size. This cantaloupe with its pale green flesh and sprightly, spice flavour used to be the most expensive melon the the world. Try to grow it – recapture this history for you and your family.

New Order Form

For our visitors that would prefer to send an order by mail, we have added a new downloadable order form, for your added convenience.