We have developed our pesticide-free farming methods for over thirty years.  We practice permaculture techniques, save our seeds, and do fruit and vegetable research.  Photos above include our heritage tomatoes, hardy northern grapes, one of our chemical free fields and a crop of asian pears on one of our hardy fruit trees.




Saturday Farmers Market

(May through December)



Heirloom and Tree Seeds

In order to safeguard our own farm seeds from GMO’s (genetically modified food) and other agritech treatments, we collect and store seeds from our own plants and produce. Thus we package the extras and sell seeds to those wishing to grow their own unusual heritage varieties and permaculture tree seeds.   

Trees and Plants

Many varieties of edible fruit plants from all over the world have found their way to Windmill Point Farm. After twenty years of growing these in our harsh cold climate conditions we have eliminated all but the toughest.

These weird and wonderfully diverse selections of delicious fruit, nuts, berries can be shipped to you as dormant bare root plants, please contact Ken (info@greenbarnnursery.ca).   Trees are only sold that are preordered. We are ‘listed’ as a Zone 4 but tested our plants for a much colder climate. 

Planting trees and permaculture seeds is one of the best ways to meet our Kyoto commitments.



Why grow Fresh pesticide-free food...

  • No more contaminated food
  • Safer environment
  • No more empty calories
  • Save farms for our children
  • No more drugs
  • Safe trees and seeds
Learn more on the benefits of buying from our farm »

Learn to Grow and Care for Your Grape Vines/
How to Make Your Own Wine

Date:  T.B.D.

Workshop topics include:

  • Why are grapes so good for our health? 
  • Which seedless table grapes can be grown here?
  • What are best grapes to make wine? How does wine prevent heart disease?How to make wine from your own grapes?
  • Are vineyards profitable for small farms?
  • How to plant and care for small vineyard?
  • PYO and Agro-tourism for vineyards?
  • One Open topic per person (as time permits)
    For more information about our workshops please visit www.greenbarnnursery.com


Educational Farm Visits

Groups can arrange for guided 2 hour lecture/tour of the farm.    Reservations can be made by email info@greenbarnnursery.ca

Privacy and Security

At Windmill Point Farm your privacy is important. We do not share any personally identifiable information about you with anyone. We will never sell or rent your name, email address, telephone, address or credit card numbers. Placing orders with us is secure and private. To ensure your safety, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit incrypted technology to provide a saft environment.