Frequently Asked Questions

 Why Come to our farm
Invisible chemical pesticides will not find their way into your healthy food. No more contaminated food.

Our soil is continually replenished with nutrients so that your veggies and food will be packed full of vitamins and minerals.

Our farm is sustainable which means that the food producing capacity of the soil will be there for future generations. Let us save the farms for our children. Scientists continue to uncover the connections between food substances and our health.  

Come and buy the real thing.. healthy local food!


8.  How many seeds are there in a package?
 Permaculture seeds will depend on the availability of the harvest.

9.  What are non-GMO seeds?
These seeds are not genetically modified by scientists.

10.  How do I Plant Permaculture Seeds?

  • Soak seeds in water for 24 hours
  • Plant seeds to depth of 3 times size of seed in damp mix of perlite/vermiculite/peat moss (PRO mix)
  • Place planted seeds in a cold area (5 degrees C or colder) for 2-3 months (stratification)
  • After stratification move planted seeds to a warm place (20 C or more to start germination of seedlings.

Saturday  Farmers Market

11.  What fruit and veggies do you sell?
All common fruit and veggies but selections with better flavour and a variety of colors for better phytonutrients.  Also, a wide variety of certified organic foods such as teas, coffee, honey, health bars, pastas, sauces and many more wonderful products.