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Our Farm is closed this year, but check back in 2015

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Asian pears latest success story for exotic fruit fancier - but the niche may be fleeting as other farmers start exploiting the same markets

"Just because no one's growing it in Canada, doesn't mean it can't be done.

That's the attitude of Quebec farmers Ken and Lorraine Taylor who grow Asian pears and scores of other exotic fruit at Wind Point Organic Farm in Quebec. Their 70-acre property is located on Ile Perrot, just 30 minutes from downtown Montreal."

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Many old heritage varieties of apples, pears, plums, cherries and other fruit are being lost forever as farm orchards are abandoned or the land sold for development. Seed savers groups do a great job of rescuing old varieties of garden vegetables but fruit saving has been totally neglected. The reason for this neglect is that fruit must be grafted to save the variety (fruit seeds do not duplicate the parent) and few people have the necessary knowledge or skills to graft a tree. We offer three ways for you to save your heritage fruit;

Grafting workshops: we offer grafting workshops at our farm and at other locations in Quebec and Ontario when arranged by interested groups.  Workshops are “hands-on” and participants each take home their own grafted fruit trees. We supply rootstocks, scions and other grafting necessities. You can bring your own fruit for grafting. Please refer to www.greenbarnnursery.ca to view all upcoming workshops. Workshop costs…$100/person  
Grafting Kits: For those who feel confident enough to try their hand at grafting without a workshop we offer a grafting kit that includes 5 rootstocks, 5 heritage fruit scions, 5 graft wraps, and sharp knife……..$50/kit
Custom Grafts: send scions from your heritage fruit tree and we will save(graft) it for you………………$50

Please call ahead for any special requests or visit our new GREEN BARN NURSERY ... contact ken@greenbarnnursery.ca.